Kimonos and scarfs

Our kimonos and scarfs are made from Chiffon fabric (100% polyester). We want you to enjoy them for as long as possible so hand washing is always the best and safest method for washing chiffon till 30°C temperature. Do not put them in the dryer. When it comes to iron please use the option for silk clothing.

Metallic elements

Our metallic birds are made from stainless steel and painted electrostatically. They are hand illustrated with acrylic colors. To clean them, use a damp soft dry cloth and make smooth movements in order not to damage the illustrations.

Ceramic pieces

All pieces are handmade and hand-illustrated so every piece is unique. The paints used are food safe and non-toxic. Before the first use, we advise that you wash your pieces by hand in hot soapy water, rinse them and allow them to air dry. We don’t recommend putting them in the oven, the microwave or the dishwasher. As the ceramics are handmade maybe you will notice some crazing in the fired glazed surface, which is natural.

Pillowcases and runners

Our pillowcases and runners are made out of 100% hemp fabric.

Hemp is an eco-friendly fabric known for its durability, strength, absorbency and anti-microbial properties. You can wash the pillowcases and the runners in the washing machine preferably on the delicate program of your machine.